It’s been about a month since I’ve had my iPad, and overall, it’s a terrific personal media device. So what do I think of it as an educational tool?


The iPad is an important step in improving 1:1 computing for students. By converting the interface and quick access of a phone operating system to a tablet, combined with a larger screen and long battery life, the iPad allows almost instant access to the applications (apps), which increases the device’s functionality and convenience as a media and personal digital assistant device for students over laptops and older tablets.


A wide variety of productivity and education apps, ranging from writing tools, informational resources, and subject specific tools and games, provide both teachers and students many apps for classroom, school, and home use. A review of many of these educational resources can be found on the I Education Apps Review.


The iPad does have some shortcomings. Educators may by challenged by the difficulty of printing and transferring saved work from the iPad to other computers. The screen keyboard is best used for light work only. The lack of Flash support limits its’ use with many educational resources on the Internet.  The Safari browser may also not be compatible with school district developed software and information systems.


Despite these drawbacks, the iPad has many uses in education and raises the bar in the continuing development of student 1:1 computing technologies.

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